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Cloud strategy, implementation, and optimization services for organizations of all sizes

We are an AWS Consulting Partner. Our certified solutions architects are trained to provide you valuable insight to make your cloud journey successful.

Custom DevOps

Effectively leverage your technology resources to eliminate pain points and empower every stage of your value stream.

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Architecture Reviews and Implementations

Get a quick audit of your AWS account to ensure that your architecture is secure, scalable, and built using AWS best practices.

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One-on-One Developer Sessions

Our experts will work one-on-one with your team to quickly get them up to speed on specific AWS services, and then work alongside your team to meet your objectives.

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Our expertise includes:

Leverage The Cloud Effectively

Let Elementryx take care of your behind-the-scenes infrastructure so your developers can focus on your core products and services.

Get Up and Running Fast

Get your cloud infrastructure up and running with our automated infrastructure scripts. Make the most of your developers and streamline your development workflows with continuous integration pipelines.

Protect your Data

With Identity at the core of your organization, control who in your organization has access to what data. Protect your endpoints from external access with multi-factor authentication and audit every entry into your organization’s systems via detailed access logs.

Drastically Reduce Costs

Save money on your AWS bill or expensive on-premises servers. Our expertise in scaling systems dynamically and knowledge of serverless architecture ensures that you will only pay for what you use.

Architecture Review & Certification

To ensure security, durability, and compliance with industry regulations including HIPAA and GDPR, we can review your application and/or infrastructure of your systems and help you meet your strategic goals.

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your organization has the technology you need to succeed.

Yehuda Cohen

Yehuda Cohen

Founder, Technology

Born in South Africa, Yehuda is a Software Engineer with extensive experience with cloud infrastructure and a passion for distributed system design and Infrastructure-as-Code. When he’s not working, he studies Talmudic law and ethics, plays chess and guitar, and runs.


Yosef van Bemmelen

Founder, Operations

Yosef is a former equity research associate with a passion for data analytics, spreadsheets, and business development. In his spare time, he analyzes open data, creates smoothie recipes, and jogs.

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